Direction, Production & Editing

When making media content for Campsie RSL, we had to always remeber that Campsie RSL reflected it's community. A community that was multicultural and inclusive. A community that was changing with the times, and so Campsie RSL needed to feel fresh and modern while keeping with it's roots. However, at the core of Campsie RSL is the respect to our veterans service who sacrifice made a community like ours possible. Every time we created content for their brand, our work had to always acknowledge all these aspects. 

Creating content for Campsie RSL also means being versatile. Campsie RSL has a variety of different ways of delivering content to it's community. A club as big as Campsie RSL also has a variety of different needs that we need to fulfil.  From social media, to training videos. From larger event like Anzac Day to  smaller events like Club Grants. From brochures to billboard. We need to be adaptable and create content that works in a variety of different contexts.