• Michael S

Campsie RSL ANZAC Day 2018

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

We were asked by the Campsie RSL Group to film their Anzac Day. When filming an event of this significance, it is important to remain respectful of the traditions and ceremony, and to honour the veterans. But it was also important to capture the other side of Anzac Day as well. The focus on the local community and the support that Campsie RSL continues to provide to it.

This was a big project for us. For an event as large as this we needed multiple videographers with multiple cameras taking the event from many different angles, just so we could get the scale of the whole day. Also, since it's an event, there's no second takes, so we had to get everything right the first go. Fortunately that's something that our experience in wedding videography work had already prepared ourselves for.

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