• Michael S

Chester Hill RSL Club Photoshoot

When Campsie RSL Group took over management of Chester Hill RSL Club, we were hired to update their marketing material and show off the new improvements that Campsie RSL Group has made to the RSL Club.

In this situation, it’s important not only to attract new customers, but to also reassure existing members that the essence of Chester Hill RSL Club still remain the same. As such we made sure that our photography represented the local character, while also bringing in new life and making it feel revitalising. It’s important to create a good fun atmosphere when you’re working with staff, because not only does it put them at easy when they are in front of the camera, it also creates a very natural and authentic feel.

If you want to learn more about Chester Hill RSL Club then check out their website here www.chrsl.com.au. And check out www.thezproductions.com.au to learn more about us and our work.