• Michael S

Genella Fine Foods

Product Photography is very important, particularly for any online brand. Since your customers won't be able to see the products in person until they order it, we must go to the extra effort of attracting the customer and make it look like how it would feel if you saw it in the store. It is essential that we catch their eye and their emotion.

Genella Fine Foods is an online supplier of high-quality Australian made organic foods. They hired us to update their product photography for their website. When doing product photography, you really want to let the product do the talking, and not let anything about the photo distract the customer, so you have to have a very good eye for detail. We had to ensure that your product takes centre stage, and have our photos be as flawless as your product. And as you can see from our examples, they were very happy with what we did.

Make sure to check out Genella Fine Food's range of products at their online store which is https://www.genellafinefoods.com.au. And if you want to see more of our work then check out www.thezproductions.com.au