• Michael S

Hello Sydney - Pilot Video

We were recently contacted by an English Teacher who was working for the Korean Education Channel, JEI TV. He needed our expertise to make a pilot episode of "Hello Sydney." The aim of the show was to introduce Korean students who were learning English to real-life English speakers as well as to Sydney and its lifestyle.

Video is a great tool for education. It allows you to easily share your knowledge with students from all over the world, and allows your students to learn at a pace that is comfortable to them. There's also evidence that educational videos can inspire and engage students on a deeper level and lead to better outcomes. So as you can see, educational videos are an important arsenal to have in the learning landscape.

For this project, we worked together with the host of the show to produce, shoot and edit all episodes of the show. Working from episode conception to production logistics, cinematography to editing, Thez Productions was involved in all aspects of the show. As an educational TV show, we had to always remember to keep the audience engaged and entertained while still being educational.

This video is also a pilot episode. A pilot is basically a proof-of-concept or an example episode. As such a lot of attention was taken to make sure that the concept of this video would be grasped by the decision making team at JEI English TV

Because of this pilot we were able to get the funding for a 30 episode series, which we are now in production on. While we film the series, do please check out JEI English TV's website http://jeienglishtv.com/main/main.do for more information about them. And to learn more about us, check out our website: www.thezproductions.com.au.