• Michael S

InnoClub Corporate Headshots

When we say we can create whatever photos and videos that suit your needs, we mean it. This applies to even corporate headshots. We love to shoot all different styles and create something that suits your brand and makes you stand out from the rest.

InnoClub was founded by the Campsie RSL Group to support innovation in their local community, in particular their veteran community. They wanted to use their resources and skills to support returned veterans in innovating and starting up their own business.

As a new business, they wanted to have a unique style that would differentiate them while reflecting their core values. We worked together with the founders and board members of InnoClub to create a photoshoot that best matches their attitude and style. They didn’t want to have stuffy corporate photos, but photos that are more outdoors and relaxed. We moved towards a style that is not formal, but natural, approachable and friendly, while still keeping that professional feel of an organisation that’s here to help.

If you want to learn more about InnoClub and sign up for their program then check out their website https://www.innoclub.com.au. And uou can find out more about us and our work at www.thezproductions.com.au.