• Michael S

VoeurnChea Fashion Advertisement

We were hired by VoeurnChea to create a series eye catching videos to promote their new fashion accessories line "The Dreamcatcher Series." VoeurnChea is a vibrant and colourful brand that creates unique, classic accessories for the stylish world wanderer. We really loved what they were doing and so we just jumped at the chance to shoot this video for her. But to create the perfect video for them we had to learn more about them. Because each brand is unique and has unique needs.

From our consultations with the founder of VoeurnChea, we found out that she is inspired by vivid colours and minimalist designs. To her, she not just creating fashion accessories, she is creating timeless pieces that invoke the spirit of wanderlust and encourage a life of luxurious adventure. They are designs that allow you to travel lightly and simply while staying true to your stylish self. They are statement pieces that boldly declare your individuality, who you are and where you’re going in the world.

These free consultations with our client informed are so important because they informed our whole approach to the project. From the cinematography to the editing styles. From the locations to the colour grade. We made sure that there videos reflected their brand lifestyle.

You can learn more about VoeurnChea here: www.instagram.com/voeurn_chea. For more about us and our services, visit us at www.thezproductions.com.au